Customization fix in Referral Partner Program

We have people ready to sign up.
They will sign up for a free subscription… IF…

If they can sign up others for the free subscription x 4 Levels.

Which means, I need a way of reporting Sign Ups for a Free Subscription/Membership NOT for Keap users, but for every Referral Partner in the Referral Partner Dashboard

Each Referral Partner needs to be able to log in and see,
"Wow I’ve had 200 people sign up on my link (1st level)
“Oh… My 200 have signed up another 500 on their first level, my 2nd level…”
“And that 500 have signed up 1500 on their first level, my 3rd level…”
“That 1500 have signed up 3000 on their collective/aggregate 1st level, my 4th and final level…”
AND then they need to see the total of 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 and see, “I have 5200 signed up on all 4 levels combined”

We cannot collect their credit cards. It’s free.
We can create a subscription but I want them to sign up as a Referral Partner first then add the free subscription - if need be -, which we’ll call a “Membership.”
We can give a Free Trial for 365 days…

But we still need to show a count on each of all four levels or at least a single summary count FOR all 4 levels…

Hi Freedom,

Technically it is possible to show the results in the Referral Partner Dashboard but it will require a developer to write the code for you.

Keap allows HTML customisation in the Partner Dashboard via the Referral Partner Center Home Page setting. In there a piece of Javascript Code can be added which could query an external script to produce the report. Keap did not make it easy to identify the partner as there is no Id number present, but there is an awkward way of getting it from another page. Once that is retrieved you can use it to do a look up for that partner.

I would say it is not the ideal way of doing it. The other option would be to have a custom dashboard developed, but that requires more work to do so. But then you would need the results from the different sections the partner section provides, which unfortunately not all is retrievable via the API.

Whatever way you go, you still need some custom code developed for you.