Customer checks & pays their balance?

Hi - I have a client who needs their customers to be able to pay for something in payments, which I have set up, but in addition to that:

1 - The customer will also be able to check their own remaining balance somewhere and pay it off and/or
2 - Someone else can check their balance and make donations towards it

Most of the customer’s fee ends up being paid by donations from other people. I found this for making it possible to accept donations: Accept Donations Of Varying Amounts | Max Classic

The part I haven’t figured out yet is how does a person know how much to donate / what the remaining balance is for the person they’re donating to.

You could use Memberium membership site software so allow the user to see their balance due and make payments towards it. In order to have someone else make donations, they’d need to share their login information.

Thanks Tyler. I thought about that… just worried about the cost since they’d be paying an extra $50 per month at minimum for that feature.