Custom receipt for order form

I would prefer to use the order form but options for customisation are limited.

Chat advice was to do a test purchase but that’s less than helpful

Any ideas?

Really not any information in your question. What customizations? How does a test purchase play into asking about customizations? There are products that work with how order forms look but are your needs related to additional fields or modifying existing fields or wanting to change products or just how the form look/feels/appears?

when I go to

eccommerce setup > payments > receipt

Top box = email customers a receipt after they buy

When i click it - I get to pick a receipt. Where can I edit these?

The edit box below is a standard wysiwyg editor.

No options to merge in product details etc

This was the screen chat support I needed to customise via repeated test purchases.

As I can see it - this is the only way to send a receipt following an order form purchase.

Is this right?

any reply to this?

Any at all ?

Jonathan, did you get help?! This is a common challenge most of us face, I do myself now… what was your solution?