Custom field on the checkout page of shopping cart

Once someone is viewing their cart and is ready to enter payment information is there a way to create a custom field with a required checkbox?

I am attempting to do this via ecommerce setup > shopping cart themes > edit active theme > HTML areas. Once here I am not sure where to place the html so that a required checkboxes appears that says “I understand all says are final” on the checkout page above the “enter payment information” or among any of the other required fields that collect information.

I am also digging into the CSS but am not sure where to place the code and if it will effect the final layout?

Any ideas? Thank you in advance!

I don’t see a way to add it there. Would this work:

Custom Checkout Bottom:
<div align=right><font size=4px><input id="checkBox" type="checkbox" required> “I understand all says are final”</font></div>

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Ahh lifesaver. Yes! totally works. I was putting it in the wrong place. D’uh. Thank you!!

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