Custom Field - Info not being pulled through to Keap

Hi everyone,

When someone books to attend a meeting on our website that the information is pulled through via API and updated in Keap.

The standard fields, name, phone, email etc. are pulling through but the custom field is not.

When the website developer has checked the logs, there’s been NO ‘bad request error’, the log shows the request as accepted and took the data.

The custom field that we are trying to pull through currently is just a standard TEXT field, however when we have this sorted we will then be looking to pull through a 2nd custom field for a DATE.

Any help would be much appreciated!


We would need to see the full payload being sent to the application, as well as your application tenant identifier in order to investigate. Could you please file a support ticket with that information so that our ASRs can work with you to get your issue resolved?


  • Tom Scott