CRM not working

It’s 5.30am here in the UK and I cannot log into my infusion accts, is the system down, there is no support due to the time, hope someone can help me?

I have the same problem Mark. The system must be down. It’s 2.50pm in Australia here. It was working 30 minutes ago. I went to have some lunch and came back, and couldn’t access it.
Hopefully they sort it out soon.
I have things to do!

I’m now logged in, but it’s super glitchy and keeps freezing. I’m able to do one thing and then it freezes and I have to refresh and then it will let me do another single task. :frowning:

Same here now, back on but very slow! at least we are on!

I can’t get into any of the campaigns though. What about you?

Mark, I just got onto the live chat support and they are aware of issues going on. Here is where you can keep up to date on their issues:

Thanks Jackie