Credit Card Expiration Automation Sending in Error

We have an automation set up to trigger when a credit card is going to expire in 30 days. On at least 4 occasions, clients have been sent this email when they do not have a credit card on file that is going to expire in 30days.

For example, the email was triggered and it told a client their card ending in XXXX was going to expire in 30 days on 2/2025 (not within 30 days). What could be causing this email to trigger for cards that are not expiring within 30 days?

Are you using WePay?

WePay is integrated with a service that automatically updates the expiration dates on credit cards when they are coming due.

It is possible that the card was coming due within 30 days, but the WePay system updated the card and got the updated expiration date and updated your system and now reflects the updated expiration date, but somehow the rest of the Keap system didn’t see that happened and continued to send the expiration notice.

That’s my only possible explanation … other than that, I’d open a ticket with support and have them investigate.


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