Creating a Campaign

Hi, new user wondering how to create a campaign.

There’s tons of video and articles that will help you to get started with Campaign Builder. A good place to start would be at this link/page:

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Are campaigns per email or does a campaign consist of multiple emails?

Campaigns are not emails at all. Campaigns are more like an activity and workflow/marketing manager that most often use emails as part of it’s communication process.

Hi @Brittney_Thames . I’m going to connect you with @Heath_Smythe to get you a login to the SBSA program. This will give you a more focused and guided experience that you may prefer.

Hi Brittney, welcome and kudos for the good questions. Campaign Building is something you’ll come to realize is at the core of getting a positive ROI from your Infusionsoft investment. In addition to the resources that others have mentioned here, you may want to check out these three “Gotchas” I’ve seen burn new Infusionsoft users in the past.

Enjoy, and happy campaign building: