Create a 'Lead source' from api Rest V1 or v2

Is it possible create a ‘Lead source’ from api rest V1 or v2 ?
The V1 documentation does not cover the topic while in the V2 documentation the page is empty:

Yes, you can based on the test I just ran.


“name”: “REST API V2”,
“status_is_active”: 1

I ran a GET request on the endpoint to find the field names.

Not work fine, see attach

I used this endpoint

You used GET. Switch to POST.

If I use GET I replicate your error.

Work fine thanks.
I only have to create it if it doesn’t exist, can you tell me how to search by name?

Use GET w/ the endpoint and pass your query arguments:

?filter=name==Using Postman

Work fine, thks.

Nice find! We do indeed have a team who is working on finalizing those endpoints; I would caution you that undocumented and unfinalized endpoints are subject to change without notice or warranty, however.

Is there a similar service (add and find lead source) with V1 APIs?