Contract signing automation

i recently started using Keap and I am struggling with a few things. The main thing is, I have an automation in place to send out a hellosign template with every invoice that goes out. This way customers sign a contract when an invoice is received to protect both parties before a service is performed. We have a Tag for “Close vendors”, these are vendors that we work with closely and do not require them to sign a contract. How can I skip clients tagged with “Close Vendors” from not getting the easy automation of sending a hellosign contract template? Thank you for your help in advance.


At the time of this message, easy automations in Keap do not support checks to determine whether a contact has a tag before continuing, and advanced automations in Keap do not support sending HelloSign requests directly within the advanced automation.

However, two easy automations can be used with one advanced automation to filter out close vendors and achieve what you are trying to accomplish.

Please review the explanation below describing one possible solution to making this happen:

A. Create two trigger tags in Keap by navigating to ‘Settings → Tags’:

  • ‘Trigger → Filter Out Close Vendors - START’
  • ‘Trigger → Send HelloSign Request - START’

B. Create an easy automation that applies the ‘Trigger → Filter Out Close Vendors - START’ Keap tag when an invoice is sent:

C. Create an advanced automation that uses a decision diamond to filter out contacts with the ‘Close Vendors’ tag, and applies the ‘Trigger → Send HelloSign Request - START’ Keap tag to anyone who does not have that tag:

Campaign Overview:

Decision Diamond Location:

Decision Diamond Criteria:

D. Create an easy automation that starts when the ‘Trigger → Send HelloSign Request - START’ Keap tag is applied, removes that tag, then sends a HelloSign request:

Using the two easy automations combined with the advanced automation for filtering should accomplish what was being requested.