Connecting Squarespace orders to Infusionsoft

I am trying to make customer and order information to pass through squarespace to infusionsoft. Has anyone done this? Thanks!

Hi @Jason_Rule Are using Squarespace commerce or a 3rd party ecommerce platform with Squarespace?

Hi @martinc we are using Squarespace commerce

I’m not seeing anything easy. It looks like you’ll need to make an integration between Squarespace commerce and Infusionsoft. They do have an API.

@martinc thank you, that’s a touch above my skill set, it looks like I’ll rebuild it in wordpress. Thanks for checking!

Hey, Jason. You can either use Infusionsoft’s built-in ecommerce module or use one of our integrations with some of the popular ecommerce platforms out there. Here is a filtered search for the e-commerce integrations that are available if you prefer to use a 3rd party ecommerce tool with your wordpress site.