Clickfunnels payment integration

how can i get my infusionsoft linked with clickfunnels, and why am i not seeing the E-COMMERCE section on my dashboard?

Hi @Joseph_Christopher

Sorry you are having some issues with getting things going with Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels does have some documentation on getting everything connected up, that you should be able to reference.

As for the missing E-Commerce section. I can see that you are currently on our Starter free trial. This trial comes with the basic CRM and Marketing Automation, to get a taste of what the system has.

Are you currently working with anyone from our sales team? If you are not, You can reach out to them at 1-866-800-0004 Ext 2, or I can get some info down and have a sales team member reach out to see about getting you going on an edition that has everything you need (Ecommerce, the right amount of contact limit)