Checkout Forms for Max Classic / Ultimate

Are Checkout Forms available for Max Classic? Will they become available for Ultimate?

if you go Ito Ecommerce → eCommerce Setup, you should see this option on the page:



I’m under the impression that “Checkout Forms” are a relatively new feature, distinct from “Checkout Pages”.

When I go to that “Checkout Pages” location in Max Classic and proceed, I eventually get this warning:

Hey there, Beginning February 1, 2024 , Keap will no longer be directly supporting this landing page builder, known as Convrrt. […]

This seems different from the “Checkout Forms” described here:

When I switch on the Keap Ultimate beta preview, I don’t see the option under “Sales” for “Checkout Forms” as pictured on that page. Instead I see this:

According to that help page, the “Checkout Forms” feature is provided in “Max” and “Pro” but I guess not “Max Classic” – hence my inquiry.

I am wondering this as well.