Change title of Twitter field?

When someone phones us, and we bring up their contact information in IFS, we want to know whether they’re a customer, whether they’ve got an outstanding issue, and whether they’ve been cut off for non payment. Trawling through the different contact information on IFS takes too long; we need to see at a glance - and that means it being near the top of the main contact page.

So we’ve implemented a ‘client status’ field, filled in automatically for each Customer by a background plugin. We can’t put new fields on the main contact page, so we’ve reused the ‘Twitter’ field.

The only snag is, apparently we cannot rename the Twitter field - most other fields are renameable, including the Website field, from Admin Settings - Application - Contact. But not apparently Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn; they’re not user-defined fields either. They don’t even appear in the Table Schema documentation.

How do I change the title for the field formerly known as Twitter?

  • Charles

@Charles_Weir, what about using either the Job Title or Person Type field? With Person Type, you can easily add different scenarios in the Contact Settings > General area. The field name can’t be changed for Person Type but it can for Job Title in the Admin Settings > Application > Contact area.