Change Date on a Note to Past

I am trying to add calls I made to contacts, but on previous dates. How do I add calls/meetings with contacts from a past date? It only allows me to add notes from today.

The date you are seeing is not the note date but the record creation date. The note date is found by clicking into the record. I realize it might have made more sense to display the note date rather than the creation of the record date but that’s just how IS did it.

I clicked through and I still don’t see any options for the specifics of date for the call. Am I missing it somewhere? I went to the person’s page, then to the specific Note page.

So you used a few different words that could mean three different things depending on what you are actually referring to. A call can be a note that is specific to a call happening. A note specifically is a type of record that can reference calls, emails, updates etc. An appointment is not a note or a task but an appointment that is connected to a scheduled call or meeting. I’m hearing that you want appointments that specify by a phone call…these have scheduled begin and end times.

Sorry. Literally got this going the other day. I was referring to Notes as a type of record that could be calls, emails, updates, etc. That is where I cannot find a date change possible. Not talking about future appointments. Thanks.

So notes are just that. They are not a scheduled appointment or a task so they don’t have a dedicated place for time/date as it’s usually created at the time/date it’s relevant. So what you can do is to use merge codes in notes. This might allow for custom fields or date/time from a form or something similar written inside the body of the note. Or you can create notes by referencing note templates within a campaign when and where they are needed (and additionally, notes created with a specific template can also be used in campaigns as a trigger for other things to happen).