Cannot add URL for web page automation

I want to trigger a tag when a user visits a certain web page. I am following the instructions at this page to do this - Goals - Web Page Automation | Max Classic

However, when I try to add the URL in steps 6-8, the URL disappears and nothing is saved. I have to click cancel to get out of the window. Here is a screen recording of my attempt - 2018-06-28_0021

Anyone have any thoughts of what I am doing wrong?



Hi Jake!

It’s a bit difficult to read as it is grey on white, but if you look inside the box that you are pasting your URL in to it says that you need to hit “Enter” to save it.

So if you copy it in and hit enter, it should change the visual to reflect it is stored. You can then click save.

Hope this sorts you out!


Hitting enter did the trick. Thanks. .