Can Outlook email attachments be viewed in IS?

A client has their Outlook synced with their IS app. When they create and send an email in Outlook, they can view it in Infusionsoft. They’re asking if, when they send an email via Outlook with an attachment, can that attachment also be stored with the email synced in Infusionsoft?

Yes, you can @Andrew_McEwan. When you go to send the email and tell Outlook to also ‘send’ it to your app, it gives you the option to also send attachments. There are checkmarks next to all the attachments and you can uncheck any you don’t want to include.

That’s great, @Cheryl_Hunt - many thanks for that. And are the attachments simply listed in the email on Infusionsoft? [Sorry to be asking - I just haven’t used the Outlook Sync feature yet myself]

Hmm…I can’t remember that, Andrew. Will test it today :slight_smile:

I’ve spoken to Infusionsoft Support, @Cheryl_Hunt - they say that, while the file will show up in the contact’s file box, it will not be linked to the email that it was attached to.

Thanks for the update, @Andrew_McEwan! I know I’ve done and knew it was added to the Filebox but wasn’t sure it it came in attached…now we know :slight_smile: