Can opportunities be imported?

Is it possible to import opportunities?

Yes. It is possible, but I believe Opportunities are listed as a “restricted import” by default, so you’ll need to contact Infusionsoft support and request that they enable it:


In addition to what @Greg_Jenkins has suggested, when you do, if you need them to have various stages assigned then you would need to map up the id’s for the new app for those stages too.

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You can take a look at Data2CRM service. In contrary to the long and complicated manual import, the tool offers an automated migration with the ability to map the opportunities you want to move to InfusionSoft.
If it is interesting for you, try out a free Demo or find more info about direct Infusionsoft data import.
Hope it will help you!
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Greg, I have enabled this feature and am looking to import a list of opportunities, each with a corresponding Opportunity ID. When I go to match the Opportunity ID in the next stage of the process, there are 4 options under the “Opportunity Keys” heads: Keap’s ID, Your System’s ID, Keap’s Contact ID, Keap’s ID (again). Any idea which one corresponds to the Opportunity ID that you can see in the url bar? Also, are you required to ALSO match to the Contact ID? Thanks!

Hey Mitch - nice work finding this old thread. Unfortunately I don’t know why “Keap’s ID” is listed there twice. That’d odd. I’d recommend asking Keap about it directly to see if they can look into it. From the user side, they appear identical. But from the backend side there may be some differentiator.