Can I use REST Hook Event to update local record of merged Contacts? (Keap Classic)

We merge duplicate Contacts using the web interface.

We have an internal API action that keeps a list of Contacts with their Email and Contact ID upon registration. However, when a user registers using their duplicate Contact record, and then we merge it with their old Contact record, this Contact used on the registration becomes a dangling record (now a missing Contact ID in Keap) in our internal API database.

How can I use the REST Hooks to update the Contact record on our local database? Is the "contact.edit " event triggered when the Contacts are merged?


Good afternoon John!

I’m not terribly familiar with that part of the codebase, but from a quick perusal of the source it looks like we should be throwing contact.edit hook events any time the Contact is saved, including during merges.


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Hi John, if you want to look into the REST Hook API further take a look at this forum post below.

I would presume that the “contact.delete” event would also be triggered for the Contact Record that has been merged from as that gets removed.

Best thing would be to experiment to see what gets called.

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Thanks Tom and Pav! I’ll try the events you guys mentioned.