Can I hide a product category from my e-store?

I there a way to hide a product category so it won’t be shown in the e-store?

Or is there a way to hide the breadcrumb so people can’t click home? (Home displays all the products without a category.) I had deleted some categories in an effort to control the menu bar in my e-store but now there are random products shown if someone clicks “Home”.

Hi @Blanca_Brenes1. If it helps, you can hide those products from showing up on the home page of your storere by editing the products individually. Just select Cart Options and click the Is hidden in cart checkbox at the top of the pop-up window.


Thanks!!! I actually kind of knew that but totally spaced out on it. Duh!
Thanks a million.

You can also hide them by selecting the product(s) and then clicking
Actions, Mass Update Products.



Great point! :smiley: