Can I create a custom record (not a custom field)

Hello, my client has a need to store short lists of data per contact.
In NetSuite this was called a custom record and I can create fields for the record.
(similar to creating a table and fields in a database)

Some CRM’s call these “SubForms”

I keep running into this situation where clients need repeating data not just a one-to-one custom field.

It would even be good if Infusionsoft create 3 or 4 blank custom records (like the notes) with fields that could be added to them.

Had anyone else had this issue and if so, what solution have you found?

Hi @Rick_Warda, unfortunately Infusionsoft does not have the ability to create and store custom records. You could try checking the Infusionsoft Marketplace for a third party integration that offers the ability to do so.