Can all versions of Keap use the API

This may have been asked before…I have only integrated my apps with Infusionsoft. I see that in my Keap sandbox, there is a setting for an API key. Do all versions of Keap allow API access via API key and OAuth?

Also, can I use all my same code for accessing any Keap version that I have been using to access Infusionsoft?


The answer is yes to all questions. Keap and Infusionsoft use the same backend API services. The only caveat is that there are some things in Keap that don’t not have APIs (like the pipeline), and things like appointments (syncing to Google Calendar) in Keap do not use the same appointments backend as Infusionsoft so if you add an Appointment through the API it will not show up in Keap. Hope that helps.

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Thanks Bradley