Campaign Lander Pages Default No Index

Hello, We are using Bing Advertising and we created landing pages in campaign builder. Bing has reported that our pages cannot get indexed as there is a robots no follow code. I have submitted my lander page to bing for crawling and this is the case.

I contacted keap support, they were not able to help. I know there is a header section in the lander page and I have included bing tracking code there, but the no robots follow still shows in source and bing cannot pick it up. Does anyone have a work around for this?

I setup a subdomain to connect the keap URL. However since the page is technically created in KEAP and the code is in keap it seems I am stuck.

Thanks very much everyone!

Bing error:
URL cannot be indexed by Bing

The inspected URL is not indexable as the page contains ‘noindex’ directive either in a meta tag or HTTP header. If you want this page to be indexed and appear in Bing search results, you must remove the tag or HTTP header from the page.