Calendar events moving or deleting

I have synced Outlook with Infusionsoft and it has created problems.

Calendar events on Outlook are input and then get deleted for no apparent reason, Calendar tasks on Infusionsoft start out at one date and then when it syncs they go to a different date - normally prior days.

Can this be fixed as it is causing me grief or can I revert back to the unsynced information?


So this is often due to two way syncing but each direction getting managed by a single product. ie IS may sync in one direction and outlook in the other but this ensures that neither actually communicates and defeats the purpose. so, unfortunately, avoiding this would mean dis-abling the syncing in one direction or the other and not having bi-directional exchange. Not really the solution but that seems to be the options.

Thanks for your reply John,

Why would Outlook Calendar events be deleted?

I await your further advices


P.S. if you could do some screen shots on your advices that would help in my understanding

Hi @David_Fisk,

It would depend on what other system might be involved. For example, we had our own experience with this when appointmentcore scheduled appointments in IS but neither IS or AC synced with our email/calendar client. So when we scheduled in our client the others were overwritten or even ignored, creating scheduling conflicts. Not specific to you probably but it serves as an example of the things that can happen when these systems aren’t all talking together agreeably.

Thanks John,

I have been thinking overnight and as the syncing is causing more grief than help, I think I’ll go back to having the 2 Calendars - Outlook and IS.

Thanks for trying to help.