Calculating database table and fields for datawarehousing estimate

I’m trying to estimate the database size I’ll need when warehousing Infusionsoft data. How can I calculate an estimate for 16000 contacts, maybe 10 custom fields each, and one opportunity associated with a contact?

The honest answer is that it entirely depends on the amount of information you are populating into a contact. Extensive custom field values can easily out-size the standard Contact fields on their own.

NovakSolutions provides a DataWarehouse solution, pulling all the API data that we can pull into a MySQL database. We have dozens of clients using this. A database of 16,000 contacts is on the very small size for an Infusionsoft account. We have one customer with 1.1 million contacts, and their contact and opportunity data take up about 500MB.
A smaller customer has only 5,500 contacts, which only takes up 1.3MB
This is just counting the contact table and the opportunity table. Pulling ContactNotes, Tag history, and order history can take much more space. Our customer with 1 million contact records has tens of millions of records in orders and tag history, taking up a couple gigabytes total.

Thank you, there aren’t that many extensive fields, maybe 10 additional contact, 10 additional opportunity fields.

I had someone quote that it would be less than 8 gigs of data for 16000 contacts. Seem reasonable if it was a default account?