Broadcast email lists - are they static or dynamic?

For example, if on Monday, I set up a broadcast email for two days in the future and I pull my contact lists according to certain tags and then those tags change before my email is sent, will it automatically update my list or keep the list from Monday?

Hi, @Amy_Noon! Your list is dynamic…it’s just a saved set of search criteria, but the broadcast queue is static. The list of recipients you are sending the broadcast to will not update once you queue it up.

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Hi again, can you clarify this as it pertains to saved searches for broadcast recipients?


Saved search refers to saving the “criteria” as apposed to the results. This means that whenever you run a saved search that the criteria are applied to the available information at the time it is run. This being the case, it also applies to the current state of your list and what will actually apply to that list based on the criteria.