Both AddCon, dsAdd and AddWithDupcheck() Returning Null

We’re encountering a huge problem this today. Both AddWithDupcheck, AddCon, and dsAdd returning NULL.

When we make a POST request using AddWithDupCheck, we get this “ERROR: -1 - Failed to invoke method addWithDupCheck in class com.infusionsoft.api.xmlrpc.XmlRpcContactService: null”.

When we try AddCon and dsAdd, we get this in response “ERROR: 4 - [DatabaseError]Error adding: [DatabaseError]Error adding: null.”

All those the above create the contact in Infusionsoft but respond with an error. Getting and updating contacts are working fine tho. Is anyone else experiencing this? It just started happening out of a sudden this morning at around 10:30 EST.

Thank you for reporting this problem!

We are actively deploying a fix for this problem. You should see behavior return to normal within the next 60 minutes.