Best practice for subject lines

Hi guys

I have just paid for a campaign to be built with 9 nuture emails. They all have the same subject line for all the emails. It may be that this is the norm as I am new to this.

I suppose there’s a chance that it depends on the subject matter but, no, I’ve never seen that done before.

Thanks John, could this damage a campaign and make it look a bit like spam?

Not on the technical level but in terms of practical use (ie from the perspective of those that you are sending emails to), yes, absolutely it could be a bad thing. How many emails with the same subject line might you get form someone (even someone you gave permission to send to you for) before you start thinking “spam”? I wouldn’t say it’s a good practice at all.

I have sent an email to the company who created the campaign, but as of yet I have had no reply. Who do I report this to as they are a certified partner. The who process was very painful