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Good afternoon all,

I just wanted to ask some questions to get some ideas on my end. Please if you have any input I would love to hear it thank you so much in advance.
My questions are as follows:

  1. What are some campaigns you have put out that have gotten good results?
  2. What are some Hot Topics that your clients have been receptive to in emails?
  3. What other things have worked for you (Broadcast, Email Campaigns, Events, etc.)?

Hi @Cindy_Hardy!

Nice to see you here. :slight_smile:

  1. Some campaigns that are very popular in our medical practice:
  • Happy Birthday Reminders: I set this up years ago when we first started with Infusionsoft, and, even for me, when it comes to my birthday, getting a happy birthday email is special. We get several replies from contacts thanking us!
  • Newsletter: This campaign has become the bread and butter for us. We’ve gotten appointment requests and phone calls from people on this list who were patients months/years ago who’d decided to reach back out.
  • HRT Campaign: This campaign relies on staff completing information about treatments, including Est Next Visit Date. We set up a field timer to 1 month before this date to begin emailing the Contact that it’s time to schedule their next appointment.
  • Master Opt-Out: Not Interested Anymore: We set up a tag to trigger this sequence to remove all our Nurture tags and apply a few specific Not Interested Anymore tags to basically opt a contact out.
  • Request New Patient Forms: We have a webform set up on our website for patients request forms. Then we send them an email with the links to complete the forms online. VERY popular and effective.
  • New Patient Intake: This was one of the first campaigns I set up when we began using Infusionsoft 4-1/2 years ago. It includes all the questions we ask new patients while on the phone and allows us to apply tags and segment them based on their interests. We also used to use the Appointment Date and Appointment Time fields to send reminders. It essentially has the script used to collect info during a phone call.
  1. Hot Topics are patient community has been receptive to recently have been seasonal topics as well as a link to our Specials page on our website.

  2. Things that work for us: primarily Email campaigns like those above. We advertise online and have also begun to run in-person events in our office to bring people in. We’re also beginning to look at Referral Partner Programs.

How about you, @Cindy_Hardy? What’s working for you?

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@ Daniel_Johnson_Jr

We are an insurance broker company. So far we have implemented the following campaigns:

  1. Happy Valentines Day Email
  2. Medicare campaign that consist of happy birthday emails, informational pieces, reminders and some fun ideas for them this is based of their age so when their 64th birthday comes a birthday email is sent and the rest of the emails follow after.
  3. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Email
  4. Legal and Identity Shield Campaign
  5. Tax Email broadcast reminders
    So far we have had an above average open rate and a good click rate. I just wanted to see what everyone else was doing to get some new ideas and see how receptive other companies clients have been to their emails and campaigns.
    If you have any further input i am interested in hearing it thank you so much for your reply i appreciate it.
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