Barcode Scanner Integration

We are a Membership Based Organization and looking for someone who can integrate/code our Barcode Scanners to interface with our Infusion Account. All recommendations would be appreciated!

Hi, @Lisa_Wicks,

I, as well as a small handful of developers here, regularly take on custom integration clients. The first point of interest would be to ask if you have documentation that involves the scanner’s api (which is a programming interface most systems use these days to facilitate information exchange between systems).

This would be the key element in an integration. How it’s authenticated and how it is allowed to communicate would be the needed information moving forward. If you have the name of the product then I could look up what might be publicly available but often, api’s are private to paying clients of a product, so if you can reveal what the product is, we can ascertain that :wink:

Hello John,

Thanks so much for the response!

I will check with the audio visual tech to see if he has the requested information and get back with you as soon as possible.