Avoid extra register step for Zoom polling using UTM url code?

Is it possible to add UTM code to the URL link for a zoom poll meeting so that they don’t have to register for the meeting that has a poll? We are putting a join link inside an Infusionsoft campaign and are hoping to avoid that extra registration step.

To further clarify – want to pass their email through UTM from clicking the invite link – so that they don’t have to register again for the poll meeting and we can still see who answered which question.

I think there’s a chance you’re using the term UTM in a way that doesn’t really mean anything but are asking about something that does. UTM is not a general term for your parameters that you can pass with your url…UTM has a very specific purpose involving Google tracking…so are you just wanting to address the use of url parameters or are you, in fact, looking to manage Google tracking?

Sorry about that – it would not be google related. I simply want to pass the contact’s data over to the Zoom registration form by using URL parameters and tried this but it did not work—


Do you have a link to an example of the form you’d like to populate? That is what will really tell us what is needed to populate it as we can look at the page code and check the proper element names etc.