Automatically Sort Tasks by Due Date

Is there a preference setting that allows TASKS to be sorted automatically by DUE DATE? Right now, tasks are sorted by creation date (??). Currently, the ONLY way to sort tasks by Due Date is by clicking the “Due Date” column at the top TWICE. Why twice? When you click it once, it’ll show the task with the longest due date (again ??). To get a task that is due today to the top of the list, you must click Due date again. And if this isn’t frustrating enough, when you complete a task and return to the Tasks screen, they are mixed up again. Having to click Due Date twice repeatedly throughout the day is a waste of time. Also seems rather odd to ask such an elementary question: is there anyway to have the default setting of tasks due be based on due date?

Steven, if the Tasks section is giving you difficulty, you might have better luck with the Task/Note Report, under Admin>>Reports.

This gives you some more flexibility with the search and filter parameters, and obviously you can also sort and display the results of the report in whatever order (due date descending) that you need. Once you’ve done this, just save the report and add it to your favorites, or your dashboard. That should give you what you need!

Hope that helps! Cheers.

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