Authorize.Net Users: Did you receive an email from them about a network change notification?

Did anyone else receive this notice recently? I’d normally assume that InfusionSoft is handling this since they are between the client (us) and Authorize. However, I wanted to know if anyone else has experience with this.

Full note:

Network Change Notification - Reminder

Dear Authorize.Net Merchant:

Authorize.Net will be making changes to the internet connection that serves our data centers and moving away from Akamai SureRoute as a content delivery network (CDN) for our services.

We will be moving our API endpoints currently on Akamai to our internet connection directly through a Public Commercial Network (PCN) matching our non-Akamai API endpoints.

For our portals (Merchant Interface, Virtual Point of Sale, Partner Interface) currently on Akamai, we will be moving them to another CDN, Cloudflare.

Our Sandbox environment has already been updated, and Production is targeted for February and March 2020.

For more details and information on this change and any needed actions, please refer to our Authorize.Net Network Change FAQ.

Additionally, we will be renewing an expiring leaf certificate. There is no change to the root or intermediate certificates. This change is transparent if you trust Entrust’s root and intermediate certificates. If your application requires trusting of new leaf certificate, you must install or trust the new leaf certificate prior to the update. Dates below:

· Sandbox: 02/17/2020

· Production: 03/04/2020

For more details and information on obtaining the needed certificates, please refer to our support article: How do I obtain Authorize.Nets Certificate for my host/solution provider?

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for being an Authorize.Net merchant.