Arguments imbedded in email code blocks are not being interpreted correctly

We implement footer tempting in our company to reduce human error when producing email broadcasts. One step of this involves copying in HTML to which redirects to a page on our site. The HTML includes a link with UTM codes which help us to track which email blast a user is directed from. For example:

a href=“ amp;utm_campaign=test”> Test
(Initial “<” omitted to prevent blog post from collapsing the link)
(Single blank space inserted after & to prevent blog post interpreting the HTML. Same blow)

When sent out in the blast, these email links resolve to something that look as follows:{uid}/{very long hash code?}

When clicked the link redirects to the following:**& amp;**utm_campaign=test

The ampersand is left in its original HTML, and all parameters after the first become malformed and unrecognizable to Google Analytics. Attempting the change the & amp; to & in the email builder flags the code as being incorrect. Ignoring the error results in the code not being included in the email at all.

This used to function previously, but something seems to have changed. We would like to keep using this tempting process to minimize steps as well.

Can someone please look into a solution for us?