AppointmentCore-Keap-Wordpress Integration

I’m looking to create a system on our wordpress website where someone can submit a public form, then have the option to book a call (without redirecting to another website). I’ve heard AppointmentCore can help achieve this, but I can’t seem to find how to integrate AppointmentCore with the Keap form, and then add both of them onto the website.

Any help would be appreciated.

Good morning!

I think you’re probably overcomplicating the issue; if you create a Landing Page in Keap and include an Appointment template, the contact information is collected as part of the booking. You shouldn’t need two separate forms or an outside integration.

Thanks for the reply!

We already have the wordpress website built out, and would prefer to just slap a form on a prebuilt page (we also may have someone externally managing changes to the website). The form we have is also very extensive (upwards of 20 fields), which I believe would require an entire form rather than just the scheduler.

Lastly, just so that our schedules aren’t plastered to the public, we’d prefer that the form is first submitted, then the ability to schedule comes up.

I’ve had conversations with some people from Keap previously, and was told that using AppointmentCore is the best solution, but I can’t quite figure out the integration