App to Grab Contact Info and sending that info to Keap

Looking to purchase an app that will scrub filtered Emails (using keywords) for contact details such as Email , Name and Phone number. That will then pass that info to Keap as a contact and add a designated tag.

Help please, what is out there.

What do you mean ’scrub filtered emails’ … because you then say you want it to pull out the ‘email’.


Maybe I’m not using the correct terminology.

We will get emails with from our Lead Gen Partners. I want a tool (app) to look for those emails. For instance the trigger might be “Jupiter is Green” in the subject line. Grab the contact info from that email to include reply to email address, name, phone # etc and pass it to our Keap Acct as a new Contact and to apply certain Keap tags so it lands in the correct Keap Campaign.

Does that help?


Got it … you can use something like Parsey, Zapier, or Integromat.

I like Integromat due to it’s flexibility and low cost, but it does take knowledge of some scripting to do the parsing that you are talking about.

If you are looking to hire someone to do the job for you, please email me direct:


We tried and used Zapier for years , but it stopped working. Had a tech guy from Keap Zoom with us, it wasn’t working anymore. So we collectively said lets find another avenue.

Yeah … I don’t like their email parser.
Integromat is far more reliable.
Parsey is good, too, but more expensive.



I will reach out to you tomorrow, and we can discuss options. Im open to a value minded app as long as it works., and works reliably… I dont need the Cadillac when the Ford will get me to the dance.

Integromat maybe the correct solution. But then I would still compensate you for the setup . I dont know enough about this arena to talk intelligently.