API Token Expiry

I today accidentally noticed, that you changed the token validity to 24h which is great for Safety but as it seems the refresh tokens are valid only for the same duration ( my plugins got some nasty “bad request” responses from the api while trying to refresh the tokens which worked flawless before today and works again now after deleting the old token manually and requesting a new one), some problems could occur.

So my question is, is my observation correct about the validity duration of the refresh tokens and i need to find some trickery to guarantee that the token is updated at least once a day (cron doesn´t work on my server) even if there are no requests to my plugin which would automatically result in an update, or were the errors only because of a one time change behind the curtains and the refresh tokens are valid longer than 24h ?

Thanks in Advance

Refresh Tokens are valid for six months or until used, at which time you receive a new Refresh Token. I would verify that your application is not multi-threading the request to the token endpoint, as if one thread hits it for a refresh, the second will receive an error.