Old tokens expiring on refresh - Suggestion

When refreshing an access token, the previous token is invalidated. This causes issues with multi-threaded or distributed applications, as one request can invalidate a token that another has already begun using, which causes an invalid_grant error.

Infusionsoft’s API would be significantly easier to work with in these kinds of applications if old tokens were left valid until their normal expiration time. Other applications that we connect to with OAuth seem to be doing this, and it allows us to use their APIs without any manual thread locking, which is faster and less error-prone.

Is this something Infusionsoft could implement?

It would nearly be impossible for this to happen if the refresh was managed by a scheduled service apart from the application. The the application itself would need only to read the current/active token from a database…this is what other applications do and why it appears that they are doing something different.