API Key REST development

I’m new to Infusionsoft but have developed with REST API in Hubspot.
I would like to be able to use the API Key from the users website. Is this possible or do I have to use the oAuth ?

The Legacy API Key can only be used for the XML-RPC API Requests.

All REST API functionality has to use OAuth.

Hi Pav, thanks for your reply.
I have been trying to the the oAuth but don’t understand the Redirect URL requirements as i am writing a desktop application to interact with our ERP system.

Also all I get in response is err 401 - developer not active.

With OAuth you will need to setup a Developer Account, in which you can register an application to obtain the OAuth Keys. Follow the link below to get started.


OAuth is not straight forward with Desktop Applications. Due to the fact that the Redirect URL needs to go back to a website, but desktop applications are not websites. So you will need to have a web script to pick up the initial codes, so that you can reply back to obtain the Access and Refresh Tokens. Once you have got those Tokens you can put them in your Desktop Application. Unless you are doing something special in which your Desktop Application is interacting with a website to handle Infusionsoft API.

Note, the Access Token only lasts for 24 Hours, in which you will need to refresh using the Refresh Token. That you can do within the desktop application. But if you have any issues with the Refresh Token, you will have to go through the OAuth process again.

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OK thanks, I will give this a try.

If it stopped working, I would guess that the Access Token expired.

When you get the initial code you need to apply to get the Access and Refresh Tokens. These need to be stored in your application. Then you can use the Access Token for the API queries.

If you getting connection failures, I would double things. Failing that then you will have to go through the Redirect URL process again.

Curious question, you mentioned VB6, that is going back a few years with application development. I have not seen any Infusionsoft API questions relating to that for some while.