API Connection and App


I have the API connected, but I can’t figure out where to tell it to which app to connect.

The secret key and id is not connected to the app. I have six apps running.

Could someone please tell me where do I specify in the scripts, once the API connection is made, with which app it should connect?


If you haven’t been able to authorize an app and you’re using OAuth then you are not “API connected”. This video is far from polished but gives an overview of the OAuth workflow (at the moment youtube seems to be having issues but give it a try in a bit):

Hi John

Thanks very much for the reply, and the video is not crude, it explains exactly what I could not understand.

I realize there are a few files that you use to generate the new tokens and so on. I looked on your website but only found the “Schedule a Consultation” section.

Where on your site can I buy the code pieces that I need (the ones you describe in the video) and a basic description of how to use and implement them so the connection thing will work?

Thanks again, understanding a lot more now!

Hi @Karl_Stadler,

We regularly setup OAuth management for clients and can help you with the same. This would involve setting up a database table and a script that would run on a schedule. You would then be able to use a function we would provide you to get the current/active token to use. If you’d like to speak more on this then scheduling with the consultation link would be the place to start. It’s a free call and I’m sure we could help you out there.

Fantastic, I will schedule the call now.

Have a great day!

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