API Access to Loss Reason?

Is there access through the API to the Win/Loss Reasons?

I’m performing stage moves but one of the stages has the “Require Loss Reason” flag set to “Yes” so the API update isn’t being processed and no fault code is thrown.

Not through the api. You would have to change the require loss reason to no in the interface to force the api update you mention to proceed.

Thanks John, that’s what it was looking like but I was hoping that wasn’t true.

Anyone have any thoughts on a way to work around this? I’m attempting to copy a loss reason from one account to another. I don’t believe there’s any way to trigger the addition of a loss reason in a campaign that I can think of.

Sorry if that question belongs elsewhere. Let me know and I’d be happy to move it.

There is a another way, but it may not be ideal if you have to deal with 100s of Opportunities.

When an Opportunity is saved the data is posted to this link in your Infusionsoft Account: “/Opportunity/processOpportunity.jsp”.

What I am thinking here is that you could have a script in the Browser Console Log to copy the Opportunity across to the second account by doing a Form Post to that Opportunity URL. Or, if that is not what you need is to adjust the script so that it updates the Opportunity Loss Reason.

It could become a bit complicated, and time consuming as you need to map the Opportunity IDs, etc. Might be quicker to manually do the changes.