Anyone have experience with Lead Pages?

Anyone have experience with Lead Pages? If so, how was it?

We have a client interested in using them, and they seem pretty intuitive, but wanted to get some feedback from the community and see if anyone else had an other recommendations.

I use LeadPages, it’s really solid.

Here’s some info:

And a more recent post about how the integration has evolved:

We use Leadpages all the time. Works well and their customer service is good. Integrates with Infusionsoft and I love Leadboxes for creating exit-intent pop-ups for our web site.

We use Leadpages and it’s been game changing. So simple to set up and use. Great customer service even on the entry level plan. There is a Tag integration with, so it is even easier than it used to be. The builder is easy to use and flexible. Templates are good too. Highly recommend!

Yes, LeadPages is great! Short learning curve if you use drag and drop templates and customer service is good. You only have chat unless you pay extra but, in my experience, they’ve gone out of their way to make sure problems are resolved. Unlike Infusionsoft!