Android app release

What is the anticipated release date for Android?

@Dean_Mahlstedt, Product is not yet ready to disclose an ETA on the Android for Keap app.

Thanks for the reply. :grinning: That leaves half of the business world without an app. :hushed:

Well, Statistically, that leaves about 30%. Business owners are much higher in percentage that general phone owners, using iPhones, probably due to the cost difference for the general phone user vs the business use for a smart phone.

Any update on the progress of the Android app for Keap?

They are shooting for a Q4 release this year. There is no specific launch date though. It was originally planned for Q2 this year, but was pushed back several times.

Approaching the end of Q4 and I’m looking at joining up, but this is a big thing I’m hoping to utilize. Is there any update on this?

Closed alpha started today…I won’t guess any more release windows…but it’s a thing that employees have their hands now. :smiley: