Anchored URLS for referral tracking links

Trying to figure out if anchored links can be used as the URL in referral tracking links. We want our affiliates to be able to promote a testimonial page that is loaded with tons of content, so to point them to the exact video that is referenced is ideal. So trying to determine if I can setup anchored links as individual referral tracking links and that the hashtag in the anchored link won’t break anything with cookies tracking. Or if we should just link to the testimonial page with no anchors to it works properly but contacts are left sifting through the page to find the specific video. If anchors will work, can we have multiple anchored links to the same page (the url is the same but the anchor is different) that work and not cause glitches? The referral tracking link setup allowed me to setup 2 anchored links so far, but not sure if they will work as they should.

Anchored links will work fine, @Sam_Beitzel. I tested it and it worked fine.

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