Am unable to upload campaigns, always getting an error message

Continue to get error message and am unable to build campaigns from this computer

Your subject line says “upload campaigns”. Since that’s not a feature available what specifically are you referring to? What kind of “computer” are you using (in other words if you’re using a mobile device like an iPad, you can’t work in campaign builder…it must be a full desktop or laptop computer). If you are using a desktop or a laptop then what specifically are you having trouble with in campaign builder? opening/loading a campaign? Knowing how it works to build a campaign? How you use the widgets? What’'s not working for you on a valid desktop/laptop computer?

Am using desk top computer.

All I am trying to do is access the Campaign so that I carry out edits and or copy to make the next campaign. Am able to do so on my laptop but not my desk top which is a much newer compter with larger screen

What browser are you using? campaign builder doesn’t work in every browser.