Alternative to legacy API action sets

We’re in the process of switching from the legacy API to Rest. I read that incoming action sets are a now a legacy feature, so I was wondering if there’s a current up-to-date alternative to that?

Specifically I’d like to apply tags to contacts added through a Rest API endpoint.

Thanks for your help.

Hi, @Stephanie_Ko,

I don’t think I’m clear on the need for action sets here? You want to apply tags for REST generated contact records, correct? That can all be done with the REST api as it could be with the legacy api. Action sets aren’t necessary to accomplish that.

If you do need to generate the calling of action sets then there may be other ways with the legacy api (which can use the same oauth token you’ll be using for REST) or even with the internal “api created/updated” triggers in IBK.

You want to apply tags for REST generated contact records, correct?

Yes. I wanted to use action sets because we’re generating the contact record using PUT to avoid duplication, and the tags will only be applied only if the contact does or does not have some other tags. Setting the rules on Infusionsoft would be more intuitive and efficient than doing lots of back and forth between Infusionsoft and the site.

Or would you recommend some other way of achieving this?

No, actually I think you got it. That’s what I would recommend be the easiest most straight forward way in your case :wink:

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