addManualPayment issue

I believe the latest change in the last week or two has broken something with the addManualPayment call.

No matter what I pass in, it will throw this:
Uncaught Failed to invoke method addManualPayment in class com.infusionsoft.api.xmlrpc.XmlRpcInvoiceService: id must be valid

The odd thing is that the manual payment does appear in the UI.


That is definitely weird. It would be something that support would have to look at their server records to track down I’m afraid.

I thought tickets were going away and we were supposed to post here?

By “ticket” we refer submitting a report request. Call, chat, online ‘ticket’…

This issue was resolved on Friday 8/22/2017. If this is still being experienced please let us know by creating a case with API support here: Create a Support Ticket - Keap Developer Portal as not all phone and chat reps are trained on troubleshooting the API.