Adding Tags to Gravity Forms Submissions

I created a Gravity Form with several different check boxes - how can i apply a separate Keap tag to each box they check?

If they check multiple boxes, I want to be able to start with in multiple campaigns/funnels.

Gravity forms requires A third-party integration in order to feed into Keap. If you have Zapier or Integromat, you could use one of those. Otherwise, you may want to look at CRMperks. They have a gravity forms to Infusionsoft plugin that works great. It allows you to apply individual tags based on form submission data (ex: checkboxes) as well as feeding all of the content from Fields in to custom fields or regular feels inside of infusion soft.


Hi Jeff,

I have Zapier but it appeared as though I could only add one tag per form as a Zap.

Can you confirm it’s possible to add multiple tags to one form based on how many checkboxes are executed?

I can dig further with Zapier.

Thank you.

One of the drawbacks to Zapier is that you can’t do a lot of ‘if/then’ type things, which is why I’ve migrated almost entirely to Integromat.

You would need to set up multiple zaps that start with GF and then have a filter - and simply apply tags if they match the filter (if the checkbox is chosen, then add the tag), or you could set up a Path at the end of your Zap.

These three items are checkboxes on the form that I’m using. When the checkbox is chosen, the value of the name of the checkbox shows up as you see in ’simple loan’ … that would be the value you use for filters, etc).
Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 5.43.22 PM.png