Adding Spouse name onto General Tab for Contact Record

We own a Real Estate Brokerage and our Agents call new leads as well as past clients. I would like to have an area on the General Tab to add a spouse name. Many people keep their last name so it would be nice to have all this info on the General Tab in the name area. Since we do not do business with other Companies it would be nice to have the option to change company to Spouse name so that info is in the same general area. Our Agents do not like having to click over to additional info which is where I have had to add this info. Does anyone have a solution for this?


@Lana_Waller, you can also do what @John_Borelli explained by going into the Contact labels and just changing the Contact.Company label to Spouse. What John showed you would be housed in the Company record vs the Contact Record. See

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Hi John,

Thanks that was exactly what I was wanting to do. I was on the Chat support this morning and was told that I could not change the company label. I am going to change it now. Thanks for the video it was very helpful