Adding Personal Link to a Campaign email

HI all. In one of our campaigns, I’d like to give our clients a OneDrive link to their individual folder where they can then download their personal results documents. Is there a way of doing a Merge Field for this? Can I set up an internal form with the personalised URL and then have the campaign merge this personal link into the campaign email? Or any other option? thanks!

If you create a custom field for the OneDrive URL and make it a website field, you can And put that on your internal form and put that into the email that you deliver to your client. Your client can then click that link and it will take them to their customized OneDrive link where they can download the document. That assumes, that you’ve created the OneDrive link with all of the proper permissions for your client to access that folder.

thanks Jeff. I’ve done all of that but it’s not working for me. Can you confirm the link set up is just ~xxxx~ and using the URL link ?
I can’t work out why else it wouldn’t be working. OneDrive permissions are working, the tagging with the internal form is working, the contact name merge is working…

Can you confirm the link set up is just ~xxxx~ and using the URL link ?

If you create a custom field and insert, the inset will be something like: ~contact._onedriveURL~

Just want to confirm you aren’t inserting just ~onedriveURL~ directly or something — it is actually the field itself.

The other issue that could be happening is that whenever you’re using URLs inside of emails from Keap is that Keap redirects all of the emails through their own masked links for tracking and click tracking purposes and sometimes that messes up the URL that is on the other end. This especially happens if the URL on the other end has any type of parameters at the end of it.

If you are inserting your url and linking that url inside Keap, try testing by just inserting the link without adding the linking in Keap - just insert the text from the url field (your phone/computer will probably create the link for you automatically). See if that works. If you don’t link through Keap then you don’t get the masking and sometimes that eliminates the errors.